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Get Your Whole Bible Back! Join Russ and Kitty Walden each day for Morning Light – a chapter by chapter bible study that will radically bless your life. We have found that the “narrative drives the experience”. What that means is – as you study the bible on it’s own terms you begin to experience it’s promise in a dramatic way throughout your day. To learn more about Russ and Kitty and their ministry visit propheticnow.com.

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32 thoughts on “Welcome to Morning Light!

  1. Dear Prophet, Thank God for what He is using you to do all over the world.
    I am a serious fan of you and your wife.
    May prayer is that God continue to bless you for the good work you are doing.

  2. I have come to realize that my relationship with God is not what it should be. I have searched the web for a daily Bible Study programme and came upon your site.

  3. Thank you ,Thank you ,Thank you ! You have no idea how is your helping daily with my walk with the Lord and the fulfillment of my call. I thank God for that and prey for you . I only give when I can ,and God knows my finances. I am expecting my wealth transference ,and I promiss God that I will never forget those who helped me in my need. I know too that God will reord those who help others to go forward . I know that one day I will meat you and tell my story?!!! Thank you again.

  4. Thank you ,it will be great to learn from you I love you both and ministry.yes I will accept your blessing of teaching.

  5. I’m in need of knowing the word of God in depth. I need to grow more spiritual with the devine power of God. Seriously I need to draw closer to God more than anything else in this world. Help me accomplish that.

  6. God bless and anoint this study mightily! Pour out devine revilitory knowledge! Lead multitudes into the light…thank you, thank you Jesus

  7. I need a bible study to know the deep things of God, to have revelation knowledge of the word of God. I am working and would like to get it on email.

  8. I also want to be grounded into the work of God through daily bible study…I’m really inspired and thank God for giving us special prophets called and separated by Him to patiently empower us. Thanks for changing my life…

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